Friday, 22 April 2016

Friendly letter

Been waiting for a moment
Of tranquil peace
To pen a letter to you ,my pal
Since our time started

To tell with joy ,to share and to
Cry without sharing,I kept all those
Memories   in the crevices of my mind
So I can tell you all one day

And I know too that
You enjoy the things that I say

When I see,when I read
Anything and everything
Want to share all those
With you,my friend

When mind reads those golden moments
That we spent talking and knowing each other
I miss you more than ever

Wanted to write a few lines to you
Daily I struggle with words
What excuse shall I use to write
Even if you are before me every moment

Now I realize in a flash
What reason do I need to write to you
Other than the truth that
You are my best friend!

Translated from Tamil original by Srinivasa Raghavan

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