Friday, 22 April 2016

An Indian Summer

The air is thick with the smell of sweat
Hot winds blow your mind away
You miss the memories of showers of love
Then you realise with a start ,it's an Indian summer

The green acres that covered my morning's walk
Dry and parched as if roasted in hell
The sweet nothings that rain whispered in my ear
Are all silent as if doomsday is near

The green shoot of hope that I lovingly reared
Down to its last leaf as to mock my years
Withered,dry and lifeless lies life
Waiting needlessly for the errant gardener.

In the dusty streets of the cities and towns
Sun is in pursuit of all that's not hidden from sight
To remind us of the endless fury of hurt love
Scorching minds and souls alike with little mercy

Miles and miles of drudgery for a drop of water
The mirage of life that urges you yonder
The long trudge of life is devoid of any green
Then I wake up to the fact that it's a lonely Indian summer.

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