Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Missed Call

The Missed Call

In the hazy dawn that greets you in winter
I see a missed call from a dear friend
One that tried to wake me up at three
Have I missed a call or missed a cry ?

Through the window I see our past
The long talks ,the long waits ,the pleasure
Of knowing without looking
That it was you at the other end of my cell

It was not mine to take the call you took
Of putting in your life with a love you chose
Friends we parted did we not ?
Even when you didn't call on me forever

And yes the call you made last summer
When your cries muffled the phone
With violent violations of your soul and mind
The darkness of it all snuffing out the day

But what to say my dear friend of a life
When darkness descends on your life
I stand helpless as an estranged soul
But remember this will pass soon

You will rise from the ashes of bad memories
And the future will bring not a flower but a spring
So get going ,I am there with you all the way
Whether we talk or not over a piece of cord.

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