Saturday, 7 June 2014

Monsoon Hopes

Monsoon Hopes

The clouds gather as they do every year
The silence breaks, heaven descends
Parched land overflows with joy
Cracks turn rivulets, green shoots up crevices

Tiled roofs cry out in joy , earth freshens the air
Windows sprinkle the rooms, little hearts kick up dirt
All that you forgot rewinds, why, no one knows
Rain does not wash away memories!

I hear your smile,I see your song ,the long silences
Moments stolen from alert eyes, those fleeting caresses
The songs that we shared, unknown to the watchful crowd
The tears we shared, as our lives crowded out our love

The clouds have gathered, the parched earth waits
But silence descends, only sadness breaks my silence
My mind overflows with hope and prayer
Will this monsoon bring me spring at last?

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