Monday, 11 July 2011

The Miracle

The Miracle

The ochre robe moves on, the blessed ones in bliss
Leaving in its wake holy ashes, watches, silver and gold
I watch mesmerized, is it God, Man or Godman?
But Stephen Hawking says there is no God!

One misty morning I spot the humble Tulsi plant
Sprouting from the tiniest crevice of the ugly concrete floor
The one which usurped the worn granite of yore
Which surround our puny little Krishna shrine

I look around to spot the Tulsi’s  genesis ,see none
None that I can see up the bush which grows defiantly
Down the dusty road that winds up the village
Not another shoot of Tulsi seen, is this a miracle?

The breeze that caresses me could have brought it
The water that rain sprinkled would have grown it
Just an accident of nature -rational and logical
Or do I see the shepherd smile through his flute?

 June sees the rain kiss our shores and cure its summer
Coconuts hold their holy water hidden, sweet and somber
Sunrays bless the leaf, Leaves power  our lives,
Rivulets reach the stream, the ocean and then the clouds

Miracles all of them but Hawking says there is no God!
The ochre robe moves on leaving gasps, tears and bliss
I see miracles everywhere, in earth, water, air, space and fire
For I don’t wait for the saffron robe to show me one

The prayer, the care –all human, None that I claim as mine,
I give, I help and expect the ingratitude, the scorn
I am the prayer, the contemplation, the God, selfless
And then Hawking says there is no God! He is a liar!

10th July 2011
Santhosh Rajagopal

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